A history of originality


Fredericia is a family-owned design company established in 1911. Our passion is to create modern originals rooted in our heritage and relevant to a global audience. 

Authentic, purposeful, sustainable designs. Crafted to last.


1910 - 1930

The company was initially established as Fredericia Stolefabrik (Fredericia Chair Factory). From the very start, Fredericia became known for extremely high-quality furniture in various tradition styles.

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1940 - 1960

In 1955, visionary businessman Andreas Graversen integrated Fredericia's heritage of high-quality furniture with modernist ideals in a close, well-known collaboration with Børge Mogensen. Mogensen's intuitive understanding of materials and strong sense of proportions led to a range of iconic pieces celebrated to this day - by collectors, museums, architects and designers around the world.

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1970 - 1990

Ever since the untimely death of Mogensen in 1972, Fredericia has continuously evolved by staying in tune with the times. Throughout the years, the Graversen family has expanded Fredericia's circel of designers - who each contribute to the renewal and reinterpretation the Fredericia design ethos in new context.

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2000 - 2020

With Fredericia's acquisition of Erik Jørgensen in October 2020, the outcome is one company with combined areas of expertise from both. Reflecting our mutual passion for materiality and background in craftsmanship, seen in classic and contemporary designs with a sculptural elegance.

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