When using sheepskin for upholstered furniture, the wool will vary in terms of both nuances and degree of curliness. Sheepskin is a durable material because of its natural dirt-resistant qualities and it is less likely to attract dust in the way most synthetic textiles do.


Regular Maintenance
In order to maintain its natural look, the sheepskin should be vacuum-cleaned regularly, preferable once a week, with a soft mouthpiece at medium suction.

Stain Removal

You will get the best result if you remove the stain immediately.

Moisture the area with water, preferably using an atomizer, then gently massage a sponge firmly wrung in hot water containing a mild wool shampoo in circular movements.

Work your way from the edges toward the centre of the stain, and make sure to keep the outer area damp to avoid blotches. Leave the sheepskin to dry before use. Fredericia recommends using Leather Masters Wool & Hair Cleaner.

In order to freshen up the sheepskin, you can use an atomizer to spray with fresh, cold water and then pull your hand through the wool to distribute the moisture more evenly. Make sure not to soak the wool, only moisture it lightly.

∆ Please note that you should NEVER rub stains, as this may damage the wool and ruin the colour.

∆ NEVER use cleaning agents unless specifically designed for lambskin, such as wool shampoo.