Jørgen Gammelgaard

We are pleased to add Jørgen Gammelgaard to our family of designers, with the re-launch of the JG Sofa, JG Folding Stool and JG Table.


A Missing Link in Danish Design

Jørgen Gammelgaard belongs to a generation of highly-skilled designers who all learned their craft in the time-honoured Danish tradition of apprenticeships.

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JG Sofa

The distinctive shape of the JG Sofa breaks with formality, creating a compact effect in a classic sofa that’s cushioned for extra comfort. Allowing for countless placement options in all kinds of interiors, even where space is limited.




JG Folding Stool

The JG Folding Stool is one of Jørgen Gammelgaard’s most recognised pieces. Appreciated for its unique visual expression, cleverly conceived folding mechanism, high quality craftsmanship and multi-functional approach.


JG Table

The JG Table expresses designer Jørgen Gammelgaard’s desire to create a simple, elegant design with a supportive structure that would not limit the seating around the table. Providing remarkable stability, as well as an intriguing graphic aesthetic.