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Most of our furniture at Fredericia is crafted from wood, a material appreciated for its inherent beauty and ability to age with grace over time. Wood is a natural material that is a vital part of the world’s eco system. So we see it as our duty when working with wood to create functional designs.

It can take 150 years to grow a big and beautiful oak tree, so you really have an obligation to make the best out of it. To craft the furniture to last.

Thomas Graversen, Owner of Fredericia

Ensuring the future of wood

All wood from Fredericia comes from responsibly managed forests. We only use wood sources compliant with EUTR or FSC®-certified wood on selected products to ensure this.

The FSC Forest Management Certification confirms that a forest is being managed in an environmentally responsible manner preserving biodiversity and benefiting the lives of local people and workers.

We aim to have 100% of our wooden furniture FSC-certified by the end of 2025.

Fredericia is an FSC-certified producer (License: FSC C151292).

Søborg Chair by Børge Mogensen in oak
Søborg Chair by Børge Mogensen in oak

For People & Planet

We proudly present our Sustainability Report 2022; For People & Planet.

Clarity, honest materials, and human empathy have always been part of the Fredericia Furniture DNA.

Read the full report
Read the full report


Leather Samples at Fredericia Furniture
Leather Samples at Fredericia Furniture


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