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Extensive Leather Expertise

Leather is one area of expertise where we have in-depth knowledge and decades of experience. We have our own Fredericia Leather Collection, comprised of a careful selection of the finest furniture leathers on the market chosen for their high calibre. Genuine, premium leather that will age with beauty and grace.

A natural material

High-quality leather starts with healthy livestock. All Fredericia leather comes from well-known, certified sources with professionals trained to respect animals, optimising the quality of the raw hides. Our entire leather collection comprises raw hides guaranteed to be sourced from European livestock, primarily from Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

For a growing number of articles in our collection, we offer expanded traceability to trace the origin of raw hides to each specific animal. Additionally, a new selection of pieces consists of organic leather.

All leathers are free of allergic substances, and the tanning processes, executed in Sweden and Italy, are kept in enclosed systems to minimise local environmental impact. More than 75% of our standard leathers have environmental certification.

Leather Fredericia Furniture
Leather Fredericia Furniture


SPOOR is a collection of leather with 100% documented traceability, meaning you can follow the leather all the way from the farm to the finished piece of furniture. The sourcing of rawhides used to produce leather and the ability to identify the animal’s origin can be challenging. However, SPOOR ensures complete transparency by sourcing rawhides directly from the abattoirs.

SPOOR also provides a guarantee that the leather comes from Northern European rawhides. The Nordic origin means that the cattle have enjoyed some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

Read more about SPOOR
Read more about SPOOR

For People & Planet

We proudly present our Sustainability Report 2022; For People & Planet.

Clarity, honest materials, and human empathy have always been part of the Fredericia Furniture DNA.

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Read the full report



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