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Extended product warranty

Fredericia offers an extended warranty against production and construction defects. The warranty covers faults which were present at the time of purchase, or which have arisen due to faults which were present at the time of purchase. The warranty period is calculated from the date of the original invoice. During the applicable warranty period, Fredericia will, at its sole obligation and its sole discretion, either repair, replace or issue a credit note regarding the defective product, the defective part or the defective components.

Extended product warranty applies from products purchased after 1 st of January 2023.

25-year warranty

A 25-year warranty is provided on selected models:

The Spanish Chair

10-year warranty

A 10-year warranty is provided on sofas.

The good craftsmanship gives each sofa a long life. The work is carried out with careful attention to ensure the robust construction and crucial details. The production combines the latest technologies with traditional techniques in an ongoing desire to create timeless, durable designs.

7-year warranty

A 7-year warranty is provided on armchairs, chairs, tables, coffee tables and smaller pieces of furniture under our Complements collection (e.g. side tables).

2-year warranty

A 2-year warranty is provided on lamps and accessories, including vases and loose spare parts.

General terms

The warranty does not apply in the following situations (the list is non-exhaustive):

- COM - customer leather, customer fabrics or material ordered separately
- In cases of consequential or incidental damage
- If the product has been stored, assembled, or maintained wrongly
- In the attempt of a failed repair or modification of the product without Fredericia's consent.
- If the product has been abused, misused, or cleaned using wrong cleaning methods
- Damage due to normal wear and tear
- If the product has been placed outdoors or in a humid environment
- If the product has been exposed to prolonged strong sunlight or heat.
- If a product deviates from a sample of wood or fabric. As the material mature naturally over a period, samples can only be considered as a guiding
- Cane wicker is excepted from the extended warranty, and a two-year warranty is provided.

Products manufactured according to customer specifications are not covered by Fredericia's test certificates regarding strength, durability and stability, and Fredericia therefore gives no warranty in this regard.

The original purchase invoice is mandatory when a claim is made under the extended warranty.

Replaced products or replaced product parts shall become the property of Fredericia. Delivery of a replacement product or repair of a product does not result in a renewal or extension of the applicable warranty period.

Any inquiries or questions related to this warranty should be directed to our Customer Care department.

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