Keiji Takeuchi

“I try to find the simplest way to share happiness in our everyday lives. The term craft is a result of our relationship with things, where we establish emotional dialogues with products."

Keiji Takeuchi is a furniture and industrial designer with a truly global outlook. Japanese-born, Milan-based, New Zealand-bred and Paris-educated, his work transcends any culture or language, characterised by its purity and the absence of superfluous elements. Where he sees simplicity as the path to sophistication.

Our instinctive way of interacting with objects is an ongoing source of fascination for Takeuchi. Our personal relationship with products. How we connect with them and how they enhance our lives. It all reflects an ethos that design should evoke emotions and instil a sense of happiness.

Takeuchi seeks the essentiality of things in designs that have a presence. He often uses the term “living objects” to describe his work, referencing designs with an extra dimension that adds to the atmosphere.