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The J39 Portraits Christian Vennerstrøm

Christian Vennerstrøm, architect and co-founder of Bahraini Danish, arranges his office space with books and pieces linked to ideas and thoughts. For him, the area is about bringing ideas to the table and decorating a tiny corner of the world just as he likes it.

The J39 chairs belong, and I will probably never part with them.

Christian Vennerstrøm

“What attracts me to being an architect is how I can shape the world and put things to the test. My work is broad, and I love drawing everything from houses to furniture and different objects.

I need a place where I can be with my ideas and turn my head inside out. Open and airy, and ideally, a place where I can arrange everything just as I think everything should be. I have realised that it is a life-long project to create the environment I imagine in my head. Also, I share this office with other architects; therefore, it is still democratic.

I bought my J39 chairs when the School of Architecture changed fixtures and sold off their old furniture. They remind me of the school to which I am still attached as a teacher, so I have sat on these chairs for countless lectures and now as a critic. They remind me how complex it is to be a person who creates: the best and the most challenging part.

The J39 chairs belong, and I will probably never part with them."

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J39, commonly known as “the people’s chair”, has won the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide for more than seven decades, and this year it has been 75 years since Børge Mogensen drew his immortal classic.

We mark the anniversary with a series of portraits visiting Copenhagen creatives having the J39 in their homes or studio to chat about what makes good design, creating a particular atmosphere and choosing furniture with the heart.